After spending 4 years in America finally i have got married to an etophian girl FAHAD AUZIDE

am FAHAD AUZIDE by name am the origin of Germany and am 23 years old, my mom and my dad (that's my parent) was so poor everytime when i wake up early in the morning am not happy because of my parent was so poor, i stated my primary school in huiquit primary school habat Germany Always I have to go to school to get education which I was traveling from home to scholl I have finished my primary school in 2002 I like to play football in the school I like to play which our class mate, When I was young boy am very sad to see blind man and dump if I see them I was to cry so sad l, After finishing my primary school my dad decided to put me in scondary school in Germany that's halot ansot college which was created in 1982 and the school have good teachers,and many lines things in the school. THE FIRST DAY IN THE COLLEGE After my dad making a payment for my school registrations am very happy because how my dad got the money am very very happy, i was site down under the three then the pricipal of the school call me and show me my class mate , afree he show me my mate then I was to enter the class. am so happy at that time seen me in the class then the teacher enter the class and ask me ........ FOLLOW IS FOR THE CONTINUE OF THE STORY THANKS FOR READING

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